About Us

Here at O2 Digital Creative Agency, we are passionate about the projects we take on and strive to make each one truly exceptional; working with, not just for, our clients every step of the way. We love meeting new people and creating long-lasting relationships – that’s why we’ll always meet our clients face-to-face.

We've taken time to master all the essentials - best developing practices, design theory and interpretation, website security, almost every coding language you can think of, and all the copyright, publication, and patent information we could handle. This didn't leave a lot of time for, well, much else, but trust us, you'll see our compassion for our work bleed through in anything we create for you.

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Meet the Team

Aaron Melhorn: Founder, Project Architect

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I combined my love of construction and passion for creativity with the technology of today to create an atmosphere where I and my coworkers can solve problems and create fun projects in an inspiring and relaxing atmosphere.

Sami Melhorn: Office Manager

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I am a recent University of Pittsburgh graduate with a Bachelors in Business Management. I'm in love with music, crafts, anything 80's and the boss!

Jason Newton: Lead Developer

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Technology has always been a big part of my life. The constant influx of new technology, and the increasing speed at which it travels has always fascinated me. I enjoy finding new ways to apply this technology to problems I discover in life.

Paul Schaefer: Developer

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Everything man-made is designed, and therefore can be improved. This mantra has stuck with me throughout my life. I attended the Art Institute of Pittsburgh for Web Design, and the Erie County Technical School for Computer Programming while in high school. That experience has showed me a new view on this world, and gave me the ambition to try to fix it and make it more beautiful. I'm also obsessed with space and electronic dance music.

Allison Gaspari: Quality Control, Developer

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Programming fascinates me because there are always new challenges to solve, and new skills to learn. When I am not developing websites, you can find me hiking with my husband, or camping and kayaking with my family. I enjoy black coffee, exploring new places, and making people laugh.