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  • Logo Design
  • Branding Strategy & Design
  • Marketing Website Development
  • Marketing Materials Design
  • User Experience Design
  • Information Architecture
  • Application Design & Development

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LevelTan was a unique project that allowed us to incorporate knowledge from all areas of our expertise into one brilliant final product. The main object was to create a Point-Of-Purchase display for tanning salon owners that allowed them sign contractual agreements and waiers on-demand and maintain a consistant sales strategy across their 3rd party products.

The applicaiton itself is desinged for use on a fixed Point of Purchase display containing and iPad, and integrates with a back office that allows salon owners to view signed contracts and manage their inventory. Customers can easily sign monthly subscription contracts with their finger and recieve digital copies in their inbox in seconds - greatly increasing turnover. Furthermore the applciation allows Salons to market their specific 'packages' with ease, and decreases time spent educating emloyees on package details to almost nothing.

We also developed a marketing website to facilitate sales of the applicaiton, as well as a full branding package including baners and business cards for use at various trade shows.