Reuse Retail

Our Responsibilities

  • App UI Development & Design
  • iOs/Android App Development
  • Assist with SalesForce Object Layout
  • Conceptualize Packaged Deployment Methods
  • Enterprise Publishing Management
  • Maintain and Update Application

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Construction Junction came to us after engaging on the Big Pour project to take on another application; this one with a larger scope and focus. The non-profit up-cycling industry has an inherent need for assistance with inventory management. Construction Junction had started an idea for application that integrated with SalesForce (a common platform used among non-profits of this type), but needed help taking it to the finish line.

We worked very closely with Construction Junction and their team to create an application that intuitively integrates with their daily operations, facilitating everything from receiving a new donation, printing its pricing sticker, and moving it to the sales floor to managing year end cycle-counts and inventory shrinkage. The application uses a pre-configured SalesForce instance as its administration panel to allow for various reporting and management functions.

Reuse Retail is a full-featured retail platform, integrating with bar-code scanners, mobile label printers, and POS systems; It is designed to work on both tablets, and mobile phones, and is now in use at multiple reuse locations across the US.